SAIC new energy vehicles delivered to Shenergy


SAIC Motor Passenger Vehicle Co sent 60 Roewe E50 electric vehicles and hybrid powered 550PLUG-INs off the lot, on Nov 6, to the Shenergy Group, a major investor in Shanghai’s energy infrastructure and electric and gas product supplier, with green stickers saying “Shanghai Gas 962777”, for use by the Shanghai Gas Group, a Shenergy subsidiary, for urban maintenance and safety and pipeline inspections. This is the biggest new energy vehicle purchase by the Shanghai Municipal Government’s State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) and will make SAIC more familiar with the energy industry and public service market.

SAIC new energy vehicles delivered to Shenergy

There was also a ceremony for the delivery, with a green-energy, bluesky theme and with Lin Yibin, deputy director of Shanghai SASAC, Chang Wangjian, Shenergy’s chairman, Chen Hong, SAIC’s chairman, and Chen Zhixin, SAIC, president taking part.

SAIC new energy vehicles delivered to Shenergy

Shenergy is a major investor in Shanghai’s energy infrastructure and electric and gas product supplier that is involved in assuring the city’s energy supply and adjusting the urban energy structure. It works on clean energy and green, environment protection approaches and on reducing energy consumption and emissions in corporations. The new energy vehicles come in response to China’s new energy move to eliminate old cars that fail to meet emissions standards.

At the delivery ceremony, Shenergy reps said that the company appreciates the technology, reliable quality and sound after-sales service of SAIC and its new energy vehicle and is committed to more clean, efficient electric power and natural gas, as well as energy conservation, emissions reductions, low carbon output, and environment protection and will increase the use of new energy vehicles and look for greater cooperation with SAIC.

SAIC reps said that their company, China’s first to propose a new energy vehicle strategy, has been active in the R&D and manufacturing of new energy vehicles, and is committed developing new energy vehicles and that the cooperation with Shenergy will set a very good example so SAIC’s new energy vehicles can enter the energy and public service industries.

The Roewe E50 and 550PLUG-IN use cutting-edge technology, with the former bringing zero pollution and emissions and being particularly suited to commuting, and the latter bringing gas consumption down to 2.3 liters/100 km and showing good fuel conservation under all circumstances. It can also cover long distances.

SAIC new energy vehicles delivered to Shenergy

These two new energy vehicles have been in great demand and are popular with Party and government offices, as well as enterprises and public institutions. The Shanghai government, Central Committee Party School, and eHi Car Service, a car rental franchise, are purchasing them. SAIC reached an agreement with eHi Car Service on 1,000 vehicles this past August, putting them on the fast track to the market and giving customers easier access to new energy vehicles. And, the cooperation with Shenergy will speed up SAIC’s new energy vehicle use in the public service sector and contribute to low carbon development, energy conservation and emissions reduction.

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